Bunn Ultra II Machine Rebrand Kit

Bunn Ultra II Machine Rebrand Kit

Customers are more likely to purchase product from a machine that is well-branded and attractive.  Additionally, customers wishing to sell Frazil are required to have proper branding on their machine.  Freezing Point invest significantly, in making branding fresh and attractive.  This rebranding kit comes with:

  • Frazil front panel decal
  • Light lid decals
  • New hopper and tank seals
  • One-time preventative maintenance service
  • 5-slot cup-rack display
  • Hanging sign
  • Price sign kit
  • Training and user guide
  • Frazil 5 sheet (advice for how to maximize sales)
  • 6 one-gallon mixing jugs
  • 5 gallons of two Frazil flavors (10 gallons total)
  • Cups, lids, and straws for the product included in the kit

The rebranding kit is a $350 value.  This kit is only for the Bunn Ultra II machine. To learn more about how you can receive a Frazil rebranding kit, please contact your distributor or call 1-877-FRAZIL5 (877-372-9455).

To watch a video on how to rebrand your machine, go to: